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Positioning TCT 01

Positioning TCT 01

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Want to manage your vehicle position anytime, anywhere, and you want to allow to save the history of all activities of the car during the 3 month? Your annual fee just software services, satellite services, digital maps are 800,000 / year. GPS and GSM antenna is mounted on the automotive navigation devices, GPS devices can CNS3 allows extended motor vehicle depending on the conditions of the space in the car. It is designed to collect the span higher than the wave of cell phone waves. Some dump trucks, for example the engine compartment and wrap depth GPS and GSM tight but can still work well.

Positioning device conformance CNS3, Match 91 decrees QCVN 31 BGTVT

Meet the requirements of Decree 91, QCVN31 government standards for the management of road transport and transport enterprises in Vietnam, surveillance equipment suitable itinerary QCVN31 CNS3: 2011 / BGTVT

CNS3 device is a black box the size 6 x12cm, designed cast iron shell shock resistance, shockproof sure.