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Motorcycle Locator XM38

Motorcycle Locator XM38

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Equipment Tracker GPS car navigation device XM38 is being researched and developed according to the needs of Vietnam markets, in addition to the common position also features advanced anti-theft car, extremely small electrical current consumption, average battery super savings, no longer afraid to finish the bottle motorcycles.

Basic Features

- Positioning System: GPS + GSM + GPRS

- Can be viewed directly from a mobile phone or computer, iPad, Table ...

- GPS Chipset: MTK.

- Antenna GSM + GPS built-in.

- Support positioning SMS and GPRS protocol (TCP / IP).

- Delivery time 15 seconds.

- Source operation between 9 and 36 volts.

- Current consumption: 65 mA average super savings, not afraid of the car to finish the bottle.

- There 450mAH capacity battery backup.

- Remote Shutdown nationwide.