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Motorcycle Locator XM1

Motorcycle Locator XM1

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Positioning device is a product XM1 measurement Center (Department of Telecommunications - Ministry of Information and Communication) GSM conformity certification, compliance management for all types of motorcycles, electric bicycles with GPS chips Sensitivity high, high stability, high precision, compact design and best moisture resistance, ... ..


- Identify the location of vehicles in real time on a detailed map 64 provinces nationwide

- Identify car was crossing route and review historical distance traveled

- Reporting to stop parking, stopping where and how long stop

- Calculate the number of driving km in GPS navigation technology

- The report exceeded the speed of the vehicle to allow detailed time, location, vehicle speed

- Report all activities of the car by day, week, month

- Save historic vehicles during the last 3 months

- Norm gasoline vehicles

- Helping people manage performance computing business car operators